Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Coins for Mission

Coins for Mission

Not Even the Cost of a Cup of Coffee!

What is it?

A programme approved by the October 2011 State Assembly. It involves the participation of as many churches in Victoria as possible, usually following a Sunday visit by Rev Len and Wendy Pearce, where Len is prepared to preach if the church so

The Process

The plan is for each church to have a small box (provided by the APWM Committee and built by Helen Stephenson of Bendigo), and this box at the door of the church is meant to collect voluntarily from each member, a two dollar coin each week.

The Vision

If we could reach a point where each of the more than 6000 official members of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria was participating, we would collect more than $12000 per week for our missionaries, or $524,000 per annum.

The Committment

We will travel to Bairnsdale or to Mildura and to Warrnambool or to Wangaratta, and everywhere in between! The programme is arranged so that it would never affect the giving for the local church, and it should always be in addition to the regular giving of any church towards Missions. It is not a replacement, but rather a supplement. $2 per week is not even the cost of a cup of coffee!